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Basingstoke Heritage Society

Basingstoke Heritage Society - Plaques

Over the last 23 years the Society has funded 21 blue wall mounted plaques marking the location of a particular notable event in Basingstoke’s history. How many have you spotted?

Many are referred to in The Town Trail.

The following chart shows you were to find the first FIFTEEN


  More recent plaques and their locations are as follows:

Arthur Attwood

Unveiled December 2011 at the bottom of Upper Church Street opposite the slope to the Library

Sir Harold Gillies

Unveiled October 2011 On the Clock Tower building at Limes Park, Rooksdown

Viscount Gavin Turnbull Simonds

Presented to Audleys Wood Hotel, on the Alton Road, in November 2011 and can be found in the entrance porch of the Hotel.  

There are three other plaques of note in the town which have not been erected by the Heritage Society in every case:


Mote Hall

On Lloyds Bank Building in Market Place


Basingstoke Canal Basin

By the fountains next to Eastrop Roundabout Underpass


Blue Coat Boy

On the Statue in Cross Street at foot of Upper Church Street

Blue Plaque Walk

In the summer of 2013, as part of the events for the Basingstoke Festival, two members of the Heritage Society provided guided walks around the centre of the town describing the historical significance of the Heritage Society Blue Plaques. This is the script for those walks which will enable anyone interested to take themselves around the circuit.

Major Howard

Unveiled on 11 November 2012 and can be found on The Wheatsheaf public house, Winton Square

John James

Unveiled April 2012 in the Holy Ghost cemetery for baroque architect John James 1672-1746.

Diana Stanley

Unveiled October 2014 on the west wall of the old coach-house and stable at Hillstead Court, which can be found on the town side of Cliddesden Road