Caring for our town - past, present and future

Registered Charity No 1000447

Basingstoke Heritage Society

Who we are:

We are an independent registered charity, founded in 1989, dedicated to making Basingstoke a better and more interesting place. We currently have approximately 250 subscribing members

What is our main area of interest:

The town centre area of the Borough where residents have no Parish Councillors to represent them (with particular emphasis on the six conservation areas) and any surrounding area likely to impact on the town

What we do:

Review planning applications and provide comments to the Council

Campaign for the protection of areas and buildings of historical significance

Nominate significant buildings for local listing

Lobby the appropriate authorities on matters of concern

Maintain a specific overview of activities within the Conservation areas.

Maintain an interest in the town’s trees and support the Tree Wardens

Install commemorative blue plaques to mark places of historical interest  

Educate and inform the people of the town by offering talks by Society members to other local organisations

Review matters of concern submitted by Members

Mount special exhibitions such as the Heritage Open Day at the Holy Ghost Cemetery in September 2009 and the “Stories of Basingstoke – the people who gave us our Heritage” Exhibition in the Community Gallery at the Willis in 2011.   

Arrange relevant talks, walks and visits for the benefit of members.  

Contribute to the National Heritage weekends

Support appropriate local initiatives by other organisations

Publish relevant material in support of our area of interest – see Town Trail

Maintain photographic records of buildings and locations